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Poster: postunder Date: Nov 9, 2006 8:53am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Future State Of Rhythm - Fsor 001 VA (FSOR/Postunder)

Future State Of Rhythm - Fsor 001 VA

ID: fsor001
Artist: VA
Title: Future State Of Rhythm - Fsor 001 VA
Date: November 2006
Format: 256kbps mp3
Length: 77:22

1. tau muon - zombie breaks (6:15)
2. faxi nadu - ship shape (4:16)
3. heskin radiophonic workshop - tallis canon v5 (4:38)
4. nuff x - shards of my heart (4:45)
5. taiga blues - john carpenter (2:35)
6. nik jade - tiger bomb (4:44)
7. dj hectic - closing in (5:28)
8. muggle fx - close calls land slides (4:30)
9. megaheadphoneboy - 68 peace (4:33)
10. the ambient society - electrospazmatic (5:40)
11. fudgedubnofunk - dark funk (3:58)
12. timothy p - viral antidote (3:13)
13. asymptote - random asymptote control (5:15)
14. signal to noise ratio - monochrome (4:23)
15. 2ndmouse - future state of rhythm (4:33)
16. sickmoth - riot (3:14)
17. psy-sci - deo (5:22)

Many thanks for downloading this album. This is the very first release on the Future State of Rhythm netlabel , and so , represents a major milestone in F S O R 's short , but chequered history.
We had a vision of getting the best forward-thinking electronic experimentalists we could find , and get them all to submit a track each , as a kind of showcase , and a taste of whats to come , and this is the end result. A vibrant , challenging , eccentric mixture of IDM and experimental electronica , that isn't stymied by popular opinion of what the in thing is.
Every track on this album was made by musicians who are deeply passionate about what they do , and we bring you this compilation in the hope that you will connect with the same vision that we at F S O R share.
Expect many releases from these artists in the near future , until then , we wish you a great future state of rhythm

Cover Art By: Teoo

Download the album here:


Tau Moon -- Zombie Breaks
Tau Moon has put together this bass-driven slab of futurefunk that you'll find difficult not to groove to. With an uncanny knack of combining some great sounds and some great melodies Tau Moon kicks off the compilation with skyscraping leads and an infectious groove that doesnt fail to impress !!

Faxi Nadu -- Ship Shape
Highly eccentric and unusual , Ship-Shape is brought by the highly Ubiquitous and very versatile Faxi Nadu. Filled to the brim with clever sample manipulations , and unusual musical structuring , this is one more menacing jewel on Faxi's ever growing , all encompassing musical resume !!
Faxi Nadu owns Postunder Records , of which FSOR is a sublabel of.

Nuff X -- Shards of my Heart
The Nuffster returns with a track from his forthcoming album. Based around an accoustic guitar led melody , beats cascade all around. This is a track for a lazy sunny day. Just kick back , forget your cares and let Nuff X transport you somewhere far away.

Taiga Blues -- John Carpenter
Brooding and menacing to begin with , flirting with an almost ska-like vibe , but opening out into a vast panoramic vista. A short but very engaging slice of electronica with a poignant edge to it. Highly enjoyable.

Nik Jade -- Tiger Bomb
With Tiger Bomb , Nik shows his fantastic ability of piecing together highly infectious , frenetic beats combined With Jazz piano breaks , to create an emotive style , the like of which you will never have heard before. This is just one track from a huge collection , that shows off Niks eclectic storytelling skills.
Nik is also co-founder of FSOR.

DJ Hectic -- Closing In
Sounding almost like an intro to a James Bond movie , this dark slice of electronica paints a picture of espionage and cloak and dagger dodgy dealings , with some great percussion , and a sinister feel.

Muggle FX -- Close Calls Land Slides
Beautiful track , full of a sense of awe and wonder , with some really tight complex drum programming. This is one to just let yourself drift away to with your head in the clouds

MegaHeadphoneBoy -- 68 Peace
68 Peace Creates a great sense of tension with some great simple , but so very effective , all tied together with intricate beats , where every sound is exactly placed. A master at work.

TheAmbientSociety -- Electrospazmatic
Growing from strength to strength with each release , TheAmbientSociety brings together some of the lushest multi-layered soundscapes you're likely to hear .His output is staggering , and there is without doubt much more to come.

Great vision , and not sounding too unlike Future Sound Of London , this track delivers in spades !! With great musical elasticity , FUDGEDUBNOFUNK truly gives us dark funk , in every sense of the word. Miss it and lose out !!

Timothy P -- Viral Antidote
Technically stunning with an often childlike innocence , Tims track cannot but grip you from the beginning to the very last note. With a neo-classical approach to glitch , this latest offering from TimothyP paints a very vivid picture in the mind.

Assymptote -- Random Assymptote Control
Crammed with paint-blistering beats and fantastic sample manipulation , Random Assymptote Control will pound you into submission. Distorted , Driven , and devastating......a highly impressive track !!

Signal to Noise Ratio -- MonoChrome
The Mad Scientist , Circuit-Bending Afficionado who is Signal Noise , brings us this track with tasty , crunchy lo-fi beats, Bladerunner-esque pads and vocoders akimbo.

2ndMOUSE -- Future State Of Rhythm
The highly productive 2ndMOUSE gives us complex post-detroit techno/IDM with this latest offering. Futuristic , and bouncing along with a full head of steam. Relentless , beat-driven foray into poignant synth swells. Like a rabid rottweiler on a leash.
2ndMOUSE is a co-founder of FSOR

SickMoth -- Riot
Another stunning outing for the Moth , fusing bagpipes , electric guitar , and beats together into a heady mix unlike you're ever likely to hear again. Only Sickmoth could make this work , as on paper it sounds like an impossible task , but the moth does it with style !!

Psy-Sci -- Deo
Beautifully hypnotic and engaging the mind with powerful imagery , Psy-Sci delivers this melodic lil number.....effortlessly emotive....spellbinding , and the perfect ending to the compilation as the music box fades to a whisper.